From tyres to toys


Plastic tubes, tyres and paints might not attract you if they are not part of your toy. But MRF, the tyre manufacturer, is trying to get children interested in the process of tyre manufacturing with its Product-O-Drome exhibition. The company is holding an ongoing exhibition of all its products. The show recites the story, right from its inception 54 years ago to modern-day products.

The company also manufactures interior and exterior paints, paints for cars and bed covers, apart from tyres. "This exhibition portrays the development of the company and educates people about the kind of tyres they are using," says Philip Oomen, manager, marketing and advertising department. The whole show is programmed with lighting and sound effects with a background voice to go with the explanation. Product-O-Drome also has on show one of the biggest tyres that was manufactured for earth-moving equipment.

Weighing up to ten tonnes and over eight feet high, these tyres are manufactured in the MRF companies right here in Tamil Nadu. There is also a display of radial tyres and conventional nylon tyres and an explanation of the difference between the two. "The patterns on tyres determine the grip, the load it can take and the inflation it requires. So, before designing each tyre, we decide the configuration and make the tyres suitable for a particular type of vehicle," says Philip.

The exhibition also has a range of Funskool toys, another product from MRF. Among the first to introduce Scotland Yard, some of the other popular family games, travel games and puzzles are on display. A presentation that shows the various kinds of products from Funskool range complements the exhibition.

The company introduces new toys every year and this year it is the glittering toys that have been launched. They glow once light falls on them. The exhibition is open for schools and college students. For further details contact 28521635.