Fragrant flowers


On July 5, 2002, Taiwan released a set of three stamps highlighting three common species of scented flowers. The fragrance of scented flowers comes from the aromatic oil secreted by certain "oil cells" or by enzymes the flowers create from metabolic processes. People love the intoxicating aromas of scented flowers, which are widely distributed. There are 40 to 50 species in Taiwan alone, blooming largely in spring and summer.The BT45 stamp shows a herbaceous plant of the Cruciferae family, with a long and slender leaf. Its colour is green with a little white. Gardenia ( Gardenia jasminoides) is an evergreen shrub or tree of the Rubiaceae family (NT$12 stamp). Banana shrub ( Michelia figo) is an evergreen shrub of the Magnoliaceae family (NT$25 stamp).