Fragrance of roses

It was a film that any child could identify themselves with.


Fragrance of roses

"Gulabilu", a children's film, is woven around a schoolgirl. The role was enacted by Varshini, a Std. V student from Foster School in Defence Colony, Hyderabad. (in the film, she is `Laya'.)

Laya is fascinated by the roses in a garden she passes by everyday. Accompanied by her friend, Ramya, she pauses a while to admire them.

One day they steal a flower but the owner sees them. Ramya runs but Laya gets caught and is rebuked harshly. Laya withdraws into a shell. She stops talking and turns moody.

A friendly smile of a boy of her age brings her back to normal. The film sends out a strong message that children should be handled with great care.

As the students walked out of the theatre, they stood in disbelief on finding Varshini (Laya) standing at the exit, smiling at them. She spoke to them and distributed chocolates. She had come to the city to promote the film and interact with children of her age.

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