For the dog

Britain has set aside one day every year to let every dog have a day. The Crufts dog show is also a "yearly reminder of the unwavering British passion for dogs". The 102nd edition will see one really lucky canine win the coveted Best in Show trophy, against 21,432 dogs representing 178 breeds.

The 723 dogs from 26 foreign countries that are participating is a tribute to the five-year-old relaxation of Britain's hard pet quarantine regulations

This is not just about beauty or how well a dog can fetch and obey commands. Varying in talents, they display their talents in bomb sniffing and rescue gifts. Many also just come to be petted by people interested about the numerous canine types on display. Organised each year by the Kennel Club, this time the show has yet been devoid of any controversy. Last year, a hate campaign caused a judge to resign and when a Doberman pinscher collapsed before getting into the ring, its owner complained that an envious competitor had poisoned it.


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