For teachers and students

Two books to warm the hearts of teachers and students.


For teachers and students

Two books with the titles, `Dear Students' and `Dear Teacher', respectively, by B O Sebastian are now available. While the first book for students, teachers and parents, the second is aimed at teachers and parents. B O Sebastian has worked in well-established schools in India and abroad. He is now the Principal of Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam, Trissur. His wife, Teresa, is a teacher too. Swami Tattwamayananda, head of the Sree Ramakrishna Ashram, Trissur, has written the introduction to `Dear Students'. `"The book is an eye opener to students," he says.

The book covers topics like the Gurukula system, listening skills, tips on better concentration skills and memory, preparing for an examination and other similar topics. The text has been interspersed with illustrations and cartoons, which make interesting reading. The other areas covered include qualities of a teacher, a student to his teacher, do we know our students, good manners and values. Mr Sebastian can be contacted at

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