Designed by a child


CREATING CARDS AND CALENDARS: The children from the NIS Sparta family

CREATING CARDS AND CALENDARS: The children from the NIS Sparta family  

Next year, when you get a New Year greeting card and/ or calendar from a corporate house called NIS Sparta, which claims to be Asia's largest performance enhancement solutions organisation, remember that a professional did not make design the greeting card or calendar. For a child would have designed it. And this child may be from the family of NIS employees.

For this purpose the company organised a painting competition for these children at its centres in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi and Delhi recently. The best entry in this competition will be used for the New Year cards and calendar design. And what's more, the company also takes care of their employees' children by depositing Rs.2000 in the name of the child when he/she is born. These children also do not have to wait for the scholarships to come from other quarters when they go to schools. In fact, if they score more than 80 per cent in their examinations, they get NIS scholarships as per the policy of the company.

It also provides them with a soft loan for education. And any, Be it a World Smile Day, World Friendship Day, World Environment Day, or "Funtastic" Fridays, the families celebrate it in the company and with their children at home.

So it is a good beginning to be happy, right?