Cherished no more

When fizzy went fussy, it took most of us by surprise. Carbonated drinks were recently taken off the Loyola Canteen menu. This study is based on what 300 Loyolites and their parents voiced on the cola scam. The head of the institution, Fr. Varghese Anikuzhy, comments that although he was aware of the disadvantages of cola consumption, he was not able to bring into effect the removal of cola from the campus till recently simply because it was a much popular beverage among parents and children.

Among the junior students 60 per cent of the students used to consume cola regularly, but 38 per cent have stopped the habit recently. Eighty-three per cent of the middle school students used to have fizzes almost regularly, but 78 per cent of them have turned the tables on it now. It was an amazing find that 99 per cent of the seniors at school used to send down colas, but only a mere two per cent of them have been moved enough to refrain from enjoying one of the most cherished drinks.

When the opinion of the parents was elicited, 55 per cent of them were in the habit of consuming fizzy drinks. But only five per cent of them continue right now. Out of the 68 per cent who have let their children take these drinks, only a mere seven per cent allow to do so now. Sixty-one per cent of the guardian folk are now in the way of cola bottles and their progeny.

Rahul S, XII A Loyola School, Thiruvananthapuram