Price : Rs. 250.00

Author : Jonathan Stroud

Publisher : Corgi Books

Rating : ****

Age group: 11+

Review by: Nandini Ramesh

Age : 14

This is the second book in the Bartimaeus trilogy. Nathaniel, the child-prodigy-magician, is now 14 years old and works at the Ministry. There are mysterious attacks taking place in London and the Ministry suspects the Resistance, an anti-magician terrorist organisation. As Assistant to the Minister of Internal Affairs, it is up to Nathaniel to investigate and crush the Resistance. Yet another classic from Jonathan Stroud. No time has been wasted on introductions, so you need to have read the previous book. The character of Nathaniel, however, has changed and is rather disappointing. Bartimaeus, the djinni, is the same with his hilarious footnotes and it really makes the book worth reading. A must-read for those who have enjoyed the previous book.



Price : Rs. 223.75 Author : Steve Augarde Publisher : Corgi Books Rating : **** Age group: 11+ Review by: Niyantri Ravindran Age : 13

Twelve-year-old Midge (Margaret) is sent to stay with her uncle in a farm for the summer vacation. She is bored and angry with her mother about this. But when she sees the place, she loves it. She discovers that she was born here.

One day, Midge goes exploring and meets a winged horse trying to talk to her. It seems injured, and Midge tries to save it not knowing that it will lead to an adventure. She learns about some extraordinary tribes, struggling for freedom. Will Midge be able to save them?

A compelling page turner with mystery and suspense. The cover is well-illustrated.



Price : Rs. 104.60 Author : Meg Cabot Publisher : Simon Pulse Rating : **** Age group: 13+ Review by: Divya George Age : 13

She's been struck by lightning and now has powers to find any person that's gone missing. To her, this is not so good. Jessica Mastriani has used these powers to help find missing children (but not the ones that don't want to be found, she insists). She's been chased by the press and government officials are after her, and there are others who want to use her powers for evil. Jess is stuck working at Camp Wawasee, a camp for gifted musician kids (most of whom are pesky little brats) and then she is approached by the father of a missing girl who begs her to find his daughter. The book is hilarious from beginning to end. It's not much of an adventure but it's all wonderful to read.n

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