ELDESTPrice : Rs. 695.00
Author : Christopher Paolini
Publisher : Knopf
Age group: 12+
Review by : Parvaty Balagopal
Age : 15In this, the second part of the Inheritance trilogy, Eragon is back with his dragon, Saphira. After an attack on the Varden Eragon realises the importance of completing his training as a rider. Roran, Eragon's cousin, is fighting his own battle back at home. He watches helplessly as enemy soldiers enter his hometown, killing his friends. In order to avenge his father's death and bring about peace, Roran decides to track down the cause of all these problems and put an end to it. What he doesn't know is that it's all due to one person... his cousin! This is an extremely brilliant book, which keeps the reader hooked until the very end. With his sense of humour and brilliance, Christopher Paolini has succeeded in giving the book a mysterious yet light environment. THE SECRET COUNTRYPrice : Rs. 585.00
Author : Jane Johnson
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Age group: 8-11
Review by : Niyantri Ravindran
Age : 15It takes almost forever for Ben to save enough money to buy a Mongolian fighting fish from the local pet store. But when he finally goes there to get it, a cat claws his jacket and refuses to let go. Surprisingly, he finds that he can understand it. The cat insists on him buying it instead of the fish, and he is forced to take home the small black and brown creature. The cat has a remarkable story to tell. He belongs to another world, called the Secret Country, and Mr. Dodds, the pet shop owner, is illegally smuggling animals from this world and selling them. He needs Ben's help badly. Soon Ben is on an adventure, which is going to change his life forever, and make him realise a lot about his family and their past. This is an exciting, engrossing fantasy. The book cover is also appealing.Mail your responses to Books/reviews courtesy : Landmark