Blame game

The article "Are we to blame for our health" that appeared in page VII of Kerala edition of the Kaleidoscope. It endeavours to sort out the problems faced by the teens. But I cannot agree with all the statements made in the article. Every problem has a solution. One can change the situation, even adverse ones. How many people prefer natural drinks to colas? Most of the teens are infatuated with fashion and they are destroying themselves and it is not appropriate to blame others. The government has various schemes to provide free nutritious food in schools. Government undertakings like Milma are providing excellent drinks, which are healthy and tasty. But there are very few takers.If a student could utilise the 24 hours properly with proper planning, he or she could find extra time, which can be used for watching TV and also for exercise. Regularity, punctuality and proper time management are required. We should try to utilise the available opportunity properly so that nobody will be in a position to blame the teens or anyone for that matter. Sreeja S. Nair
XII A, K.V., Pattom,

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