Big boss


Big boss

Sumithra, the 35-year-old elephant, that was at the PfA shelter in Red Hills for a fortnight, would collect tiny pebbles and keep them between her toes. She would then take them with her trunk when no one was looking and throw them at the shelter dogs when they went by. Sumithra loved mangoes. Volunteers used to pamper her with freshly baked loaves of bread — her favourite snack. At night, she slept under the palm tree, trunk curled up, one knee crossed over the other, resting her head on a pillow of coconut palm leaves, and snoring.

She would take a trip everyday to the village pond for a refreshing bath. One day, her mahout let her play in the water for four hours.

She was rescued as her owner did not have wildlife permit and also because she was made to beg on the streets.

For more information and to atopt a pet, write to PfA ABC Unit, Basin Road, Pulianthope, Chennai-600012.

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