Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya

Science day at Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya was truly a celebration of science. For two days children from schools around the city visited the festival. For the children, the challenge lay in answering the queries put to them by the visitors, which included the scientists and staff of NPOL (Nasa's polarimetric radar).

This year, the topic was disaster management coming in the backdrop of the recent Tsunami. So there it was, the children from Std. I to IX, and Std. XI, letting their scientific temper to do the rest.

There were powerpoint presentations by kids from senior classes on Natural and Man-made disasters, wave generators, charts and even a couple of projects on how to prevent a Tsunami.

Of course, it was not all about disaster. There were projects by kids varying from camphor boat, pollution, milk test, soap reactions, solar cooker, electroplating, computers, calculator, chemical reactions, automatic street lights, electric bell, water-level indicators, periscope, hydraulic lift and many more. Kids presented charts and small projects on eco-systems, wildlife sanctuaries, and pollution.

If they were not doing a science project, then they were into other subjects like English, Hindi, Malayalam and the arts. "Every alternate year we have an exhibition which includes other subjects too," principal Vijayalakshmi Narendran said.

There was a fantasy section too where kids, including those from the primary section, participated. You couldn't miss Snow White and the seven dwarves, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Tom Sawyer, Harry Potter and his friends among them.

The language exhibits included prepositions, word charts and even the class magazines done by the students. Several items of use in a typical old Kerala household were seen. There was a dance and music room, which apart from having all the instruments had a student showing the mudras.

The sports section was interesting with a model of the Arsenal football stadium, while kids were busy at games like chess and carom among others. SUDHA NAMBUDIRI

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