Be aware

Want to know how Parliament functions? Keep reading.

Citizens need to have certain competence to participate in the decision making process and democratic functioning of the country. Education is the main factor that increases the awareness level of students about their role as active citizens in a democracy.

Youth Parliament, a unique programme for the development of students in this direction is thus formulated. It helps the students to develop skills and attitudes and understand the parliamentary procedure, develop an insight in to the working of the parliament and form an opinion on them through group discussions.

This programme is conducted at the Kendriya Vidyalayas at regular intervals with the guidance and orientation by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. This cultivates the leadership quality in the student. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Waltair, was selected to organise this programme. The students effectively enacted the roles of the Speaker, the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and other important ministers. In this programme, the participants enact various items such as oath or affirmation, obituary references, questions including short notice questions, leave to move motions for adjournment of the House, No-Confidence motion, and many more. This also helps the students to develop respect and tolerance for the views of others.


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