Wealth from waste


Here's an opportunity to make an artefact out of something that you would throw away! Now make a basket of flowers, with garlic peel!

Things needed:


Fevicryl colour – red and green


Disposable plastic container (for the basket)

Method :

Remove the peel from the garlic pod. Do this slowly and carefully so that the peel does not tear.

Remove the stem from the middle and keep it.

Cut the edges of the top of the stem to form a tuft. Paint it red and the stem green. Allow it to dry.

When the paint has dried, insert the stem into the garlic peel carefully, ensuring that the red tuft fits snugly in the middle.

Stick the peel to the stem using fevicol.

The green stem will be visible underneath the flower.

Put sand in the plastic container. Now place the flower in the container. You can add dried leaves or grass for effect.

Or decorate the container with a lace or ribbon.