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All for my teacher: Paying respects to one's guru

All for my teacher: Paying respects to one's guru  


Besides imparting education, the teacher moulds students' lives.

At a time when respect for teachers among students is dwindling the ‘Vachanotsava-2010: Guru namana’ held recently was a welcome attempt to redefine the importance of the role of a ‘teacher’ in the life of a student and other individuals too.

For your guru

The programme was organised jointly by Sanskritika Sangha and Prajwal Music School. The participants included young students of the music school.

The unique feature of the programme was that all the ten vachanas selected from the treasure trove of revolutionary thinkers and saints - Basaveshara, Channabasavanna, Akka Mahadevi, Allum Prabhu, Siddharameshwar and Jedar Dasimayya were in veneration of the “guru”. Each vachana signified as to how a teacher leads his student out of darkness to the light of knowledge and wisdom and guide him to spiritual sublimity.

The vachanas, which were composed in Hindustani ragas by vocalist Keerti Kumar Badaseshi and his sister Namrata Jahagirdar, were rendered by both the children and senior students of the school.

One of the objectives behind organising the programme, according to Mr. Badaseshi, was also to inculcate good moral values among individuals when they are young.

The melodic presentation of vachana was only a medium to convey the message and create interest in Indian music among the children.

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