Sri Sivananda Balalaya

The students of Stds. VII and VIII of Sri Sivananda Balalaya took up and successfully completed a socially relevant science project on “the impact on the quality of water in the river front and other water facilities due to non-point sources”.

They selected six sites in Jeeyapuram and one site in Adavathur and collected water samples through the day at random when the water was used for various purposes like bathing, washing clothes etc. The samples were tested in the laboratory for physico-chemical and biological analysis.

It was found that pollution was more in Adavathur site where the water was stagnant than at Jeeyapuram where there was flowing water. The students interviewed the local people. They also conducted an awareness campaign requesting people to use only the water bodies with high flow of water.

The team comprising Susshma, Keerthana Babu, Srivatasan Karthick and Harshini were guided by teachers N. Revathi and S. Kanchana.

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