Science on display

Science explained: From facts to models.   | Photo Credit: Photo:Vipin Chandran


Science exhibits by school students enlightened the visitors on electronics and natural energy.

A science exhibition held at the Global Public School, Kochi, saw children go the extra mile to uncover how daily-use gadgets evolved and the reasons for different natural phenomena.

Natural exhibits

Apart from the exhibits, what stood out was the effort that they made to explain to visitors in a simple language about how the exhibits work.

The green theme has caught on among school students too, as was evident in the numerous models on rainwater harvesting, harnessing solar/wind energy and many more.

Denver George of Std V student exhibited the replica of an eco-friendly house. “Solar panels can be installed to light the house and for the water heater. Wind energy too can be tapped for similar uses, thus preventing global warming. A small bio-gas plant helps prepare food without depending on LPG and kerosene.”

Another team of students showed how water is purified in treatment plants. Ilyan Philipose displayed the functioning of a rainwater harvesting plant, while Tahir Abraham too of Std VII showed how adulterants can be traced in food items, fruits and vegetables. A couple of teams explained how a volcano erupts. Jayakrishna Gupta described the functioning of electric motor and homemade battery. A chart listing the benefits of coconut oil, tender coconut etc adorned one of the classrooms.

The school's arts teacher, Chandra Babu, proudly displayed the curios and other handcrafted items made by children out of clay and other natural materials. “We encourage children to recycle materials. Attractive art works can be done with just a few deft movements of the hand using commonly-available materials,” he said.

The students were eager to explain the functioning of a burglar alarm and periscope while another team explained the advantages of integrated farming.