Putting their hearts into it

All heart and smiles:At the programme

All heart and smiles:At the programme  


It was a day of laughter and learning.

Over 200 children of different age groups from various parts of the State had fun at the programme organised for children.

They thoroughly enjoyed participating in the umpteen activities lined up for them including fancy dress, music and dance, musical chairs and running races.

By their exceptional talent, the children who recovered from heart ailments demonstrated to the other children and parents that they were in no way inferior to anyone in physical, mental or scholastic abilities.

Hyderabad's District Collector, Sri Navin Mittal, Prof. I.M.Rao, Dean, ICHH and Ms. Jane Carter, Member of the U.S. Consulate, were the chief guests.

“To ensure that children born with congenital heart ailments have fun as much this Children's Day as any other normal child, we hit upon this idea of celebrations,” says Dr. K.S.Murthy.

Be aware

Early diagnosis of congenital heart problems can cure children and help them lead a normal life. Spreading information about heart ailments and their curability will go a long way in creating further awareness and help the parents of such babies to seek timely treatment. There is more scope for children's treatment with the Arogyasri Scheme by the Government of A.P. coming into play.

“The doctors and the staff have taken great care of my child after he went through a critical ten hour surgery when he was 12-days old. The facilities here are remarkable with all needs being catered to,” says Mr. Ram Chandra Reddy, father of a one month old.

While we try to teach children all about life,

Children teach us what life is all about.Recognising the needs of children and the society's response to it is very important as their presence is a sheer reminder of love, joy, happiness and delight. Encourage their enthusiasm and bring out the best in them to discover their remarkable potential. Crowded classrooms and half-day sessions are a tragic waste of our greatest natural resources, the minds of our children, says Walt Disney.

There are three things children need: love, laughter and learning. Give them all the love they deserve.

Experience the joy you gain by making them laugh.

Educate them and teach them everything required for a fruitful existence.

The smile on a child's face conveys the happiness they experience.

Children at the Innova Hospital displayed all signs of ecstasy and joy by participating in the various events and their little excited faces created an ambience of warmth and fulfilment.

The auditorium was decorated with colorful balloons and posters of cartoons making it fun filled and enjoyable.

“Celebrating this special day with children who once had heart ailments is a feeling out of the world.

I am happy to see so many children who recovered from a major obstacle in life perform,” quoted Ms. Jane Carter, Vice Consul, US Consulate General. Innova made children's day memorable for kids .

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