Learning to care in different ways

Taking on responsibilities:And enjoying them too!  


A day out of class? Yes, planting trees and spending time with the elderly…

As part of their socially useful productive work (SUPW) activities, and also inspired by their Principal Jayarama Shetty's words, the Std. X students of Bunt's Sangha RNS Vidyaniketan visited an old age home. They also played a part in greening the city by planting saplings on the huge Bangalore University campus.


Notwithstanding a public holiday, the students set out to the Bangalore University campus to water the saplings, an activity organised by the Sapthami Trust. They were inspired by their principal's words “how we choose to act today will ensure how we live tomorrow”. For they also believed it was impossible to create a better world without change that results from selfless service.

Students enthusiastically lent a hand in watering the plants and were appalled to see plants planted about 10 years ago on the verge of dying due to sheer negligence. They informed passers-by not to allow anyone to cut branches or leaves before the plants grew big. It was also a huge learning experience for them to see hardwood trees such as Sal, Mahogany, Sandal and Teak, which they knew only as names from their textbooks.

Reaching out

Later, they visited “Mussanje”, an old age home run by the Sapthami Trust. The students entertained the elderly by singing songs, playing games with them and also demonstrated the health benefits of some mudras. The students also made a donation from their pocket money. They served lunch to their “new friends”. And, when it was time to say goodbye, there were some emotional moments too. “It was a day well spent and it was so great to see smiles on those faces,” remarked a student.