Have a happy Ugadi

Different flavours: For the different flavours of life   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: C.V. SUBRAHMANYAM


Celebrate the festival with flowers and other yummy food.

Ugadi is New Year for those in the Deccan area of the country – Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pardesh. Marking the beginning of a new era, `Yuga' `Aadi', it is believed that Lord Brahma created the universe on this day.

Ugadi is celebrated in the first month (Chaitra Masa) of the first spring season (Vasantha-Rutuvu) of the year. It also brings happiness with the spring and crop of the season.

Spring signifies the beginning of new life on earth. It is considered the first season when the earth springs to life.

The affluence of nature represents growth and prosperity. Thus, Ugadi is celebrated with a lot of colourful flowers.

Come Ugadi Jasmine flowers spreads the sweet fragrance.

The festivities start much ahead of the festival. People dust their houses; some paint their dwellings to give it a bright look. Shops are kept spick and span to allure customers to buy new clothes, jewellery and other goods to rejoice the celebration.

New beginning

On the Ugadi day people wake up before the break of dawn, take a bath and wear new clothes.

They deck up the entrance to the house with fresh mango leaves and flowers to invite wealth and prosperity.

Ugadi Pachidi occupies a prominent place in the celebration as it is made with fresh jaggery, neem blossoms, fresh mango pieces, new tamarind and salt to taste.

This is to underline the fact that life is a blend of good and bad, happiness and sorrow, success and failure.

One should welcome all them with open arms and rise above all the hurdles to come up in life.

This is the most awaited festival of the year for me as I completely enjoy decorating the house with fresh flowers and mango leaves. My kids love to join me for the preparation of Ugadi Pachidi” says Mrs.Vijaya Lakshmi with a broad smile.