Giraffes night out

On parade : Painting the town red.

On parade : Painting the town red.   | Photo Credit: Photo : R. Ravindran


The tale of the nine giraffes as they walked on the road was more than just a visual treat.

The evening was like any other until the sky turned red. And no, I am not talking about the eclipse but about the nine red giraffes, gracefully trotting along Venkatanarayana Road in T. Nagar, with fairy lights twinkling on their necks. Their presence made the evening very different.

This festival from France (Bonjour India) was a part of the Chennai Sangamam and as a penultimate event it soared as high as the giraffes did.

Dancing along

Let me take you to the beginning of the tale…a man half asleep, propped high on a makeshift cot is brought out onto the streets. The only word he can say is ‘Giraffe' with occasional puffs of smoke and then he goes back to sleep. Minutes later, one hears an opera singer …and the giraffes march in…swaying with the breeze. The bald man wakes up at this sight and there's music in the air. Love blooms between the singer and the bald man. It's not so much the story that impresses as does the parade and the circus.

The giraffes danced to the music as the tale was told. Each chapter ended with a loud bang and the sky filled up with noise and a showering of red confetti!

A few of the interesting acrobats included the bald guy holding two rings of fire being propped up on a crane and the other was when the tired giraffes were given water as the stilt walkers moved around with huge water bowls.

In true French style this romantic tale also came to an end, but the parade and the music remained a spectacle, a visual treat for those who managed to be there that day!

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