perfect gift:A pet

perfect gift:A pet   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: V. SREENIVASA MURTHY


What are you going to gift your friend?

Candies and soft toys are a thing of the past, come this new year and gifting friends dons a whole new ‘avatar', synonymous with luxury. From play stations, Xbox, virtual gaming systems where you can actually ‘ live' the game to expensive toys like the very popular ‘transformers' toy or a Ben 10 toy which look exactly like the characters on screen, the options are many.

Creative touch

For those with a creative streak you can try gifting a good set of colours like water or oil paints, handmade papers, brushes, sketchbooks, clay-moulding games. “I love painting and making scrapbooks, so my mother bought me a sketch pen set and water colours and now I paint as much as I want,” says Nivedita, a Std.V student. For the book worms, a good book is not a bad option but avoid math workbooks or science textbooks as gifts. If spending big is not your idea of a great gift then handmade gifts are your world to explore. A handmade bag, or a pencil box, wind chime, a photo album made with recycled paper with your kid's best pictures in it would make some very interesting gifts this new year. Handmade chocolates are an option too. Let's not forget, a pet is always in the list if your pal loves animals.

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