Make art and be happy

If you are an aspiring artist looking for a platform or are looking to support such artists, Dabaki Rising should be your destination this weekend. Spread over two days, the the bi-annual art festival has everything from music, art to a variety of workshops. With 50 multidisciplinary artistes participating, 75 collaborative artworks can be witnessed and 10 immersive workshops will be conducted as well, even as six inspiring live acts add to the charm.

It offers a ‘transformative experience’. “From original artworks inspired by Dabaki’s journeys to workshops that give insight into their process, to educational sessions on the art industry from reputed artists, it’s all there. We function with the three basic principals — immerse, transform and rise,” explains Akhil Reddy, founder of Dabaki.

Akhil elaborates, “It’s an artist discovery and engagement platform dedicated to art production. In December last year, we brought together nine artists from various disciplines and regions of the country for an immersive experience in the valleys of Nilgiris. They explored the traditions, the history and the culture of the place and transformed their observation and created art pieces.” Their works in the form of sculptures, textile, home decor, music, food, paintings, photographs and films will be on show here.

It’s not all art at Dabaki Rising. Those interested in textile and block printing can participate in a workshop by Vydika Rao who teaches people the art of using simple woodcutting tools to carve fine linoleum sheets to create DIY patterns and prints. A Moving Bodies workshop by Harsha and Aditi, provides a holistic mind and body experience through movement. “Participants will learn about movement quality, dynamics, body mind conditioning and more all followed up with a choreographed routine,” adds Akhil.

Other workshops include Performance writing by rapper-activist Sofia Ashraf; #StyleTALKS by Indrakshi Pattnaik Malik who discusses styling characters for movies; and a Mixed Media Sculpture Workshop by Rohit Miroddi.

On the music front, electro-pop trio Atlas and the Sky who’ve collaborated with one of India’s biggest hip hop dancers Sambo Mukherjee, and singer/songwriter Raghav Meattle have their gigs.

It’s a packed weekend!

Dabaki Rising will be on March 2 and 3 at Tabula Rasa and Flying Spaghetti Monster, Jubilee Hills. Tickets on insider.in

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