What is Gaja-Kesari Yoga and what are its effects?

K. Ramakrishnan, Chennai-83.

Jupiter, placed in a Kendra (Quadrant) from Rasi ( Moon Sign at birth) gives rise to Gaja-Kesari Yoga. Ancient texts say: one born with this yoga will be polite, generous and surrounded by helpful relatives. Such natives could build villages and towns and attain lasting fame. But, there may be other features in the horscope which can prevent such feats. A native of Meena Lagna has Saturn in Lagna, and Jupiter in Kumbha; the two planets in the signs of each other. The moon is in Vrischika (Visakha 4) and Jupiter is thus in a Kendra (4th) from the Moon. The person lives an ordinary life till his 55th year. Then with money and support from relatives, he comes into better times.

Good dates

From 6 p.m., December 24; moderate success can be expected on December 25.