Valiant Gandhian

"A simple life" (Literary Review, November 6) was a sad story of a valiant and great Gandhian. Many like Kala Shahani had died unwept, unsung and unhonoured by the present generation. But does any one care?

A. Ranganathan, Coimbatore

C.S. Lakshmi has give an excellent pen picture of the life of Kala Shahani.She never swerved from the Gandhian path and did not even opt for the pension offered to freedom fighters. The likes of Kala Shahani are too few and far between in the current milieu.

M.K. Manohar, Chennai

The article on Kala Shahani made interesting reading. Hers is a life of dedicated service to the cause of nation.Her selfless and purposeful life and steadfastness in sticking to the Gandhian way of life has endeared her to all. She is worthy of emulation in the present day context when greed and oneupmanship are the order of the day.

P.Srinivas, Visakhapatnam

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