Valiant attempt

The article "Kamikaze idealism" was thought-provoking. "Rang De Basanti" might not encompass anomalies in a comprehensive manner but this movie is still a valiant attempt to wake up youth from their slumber. Rajiv Vasisht,
By E-mailI find the article rather one-sided. "Rang de Basanti" is about the belief that we as citizens can make a difference. So instead of picking on the finer details of the film, it would be good to appreciate the fact that someone has at least made an attempt to make a difference. If we can't encourage that, let's not demean it either. Srividya
By E-mailI don't think Ranjit Hoskote quite got the picture. The movie speaks of revolution and the similarity of the current situation with the colonial period. The difference is that now we are ruled by our people and it was foreigners in charge earlier.Ram Prasad,
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