Reinventing Bachchan


The Big B goes from strength to strength. Just when you think he’s fallen into typecasting himself, actor AMITABH BACHCHAN once again reinvents himself.

Even as accolades are pouring in for his role in a Rituparna Ghosh film, audiences abroad have been mesmerised by his acting in this Shakespearan adaptation. Said Bachchan, “This has been a very realistic portrayal because, as a young actor in Bengal, I did a lot of amateur theatre in English.”

He is equally clear that English is now “a integral part of our lives” and has a major influence on our culture and our mindsets. “Many of us think in English and then translate it into our own regional dialects,” said Bachchan. He recounted the fact that Indians were versatile with the language. If they spoke to a Britisher, they unconsciously adapted to that accent and similarly with an American. “In the film too, there are several such instances,” said Bachchan. But it has been his rendering of an ageing Shakespearean actor in the film, which held audiences enthralled.

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