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Will I get a job or do business? Horoscope enclosed.

Dhinakar Rajaram, Chennai.

TENTH lord Mercury is in the Fifth with Venus and Kethu. Lagna lord Jupiter is in the Sixth, 10th house is aspected by Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. As per Gocharam, from 2002 period was not favourable either for job or business. Presently Rahu dasa, Venus bukthi is in operation up to June 17, 2005. Jupiter and Saturn are not transiting favourably from your moon sign. From September 6, 2004 Saturn will move to 11th. You can try for job from that time and think of business after August 2005. Prayer to Guru on Thursdays will be good.

* * *

In Gochara, Saturn is said to cause death of the native in his third round of 7 � years Saturn? Is it correct?

V.R.R. Ramalingam Madurai.

IT is not correct. I know many persons who have survived the third round of 7 � years Saturn. A lady born in Rishaba Rasi survived the fourth round of 7 1/2 years and when he transited in the 12th, nothing happened. When he was in Janma rasi during the fourth round, she had left for the heavenly abode.

Good date: July 29 up to 9.00 p.m. (not fit for travel)

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