NRI talk

WHILE the Pravasi Utsav jamboree threw up many disappointments and discussions, one that grabbed the headlines was a frontal attack by Sir Vidia Naipaul on Mahatma Gandhi. Not willing to let the challenge pass, Professor Fatima Meer, a South African leader and also an authority on Gandhi, took up cudgels and listed some of the positive developments that Gandhi's actions had left for the people of South Africa. While Meer has been recognised for her work in the political sphere, she has added another dimension to her personality after taking on the role of script writer for Bollywood with Akbar Khan's "Taj Mahal". Meer had earlier worked with Shyam Benegal on the "Making of the Mahatma". According to Meer, the Taj Mahal is "more than just a symbol of love" and said that the script would focus on other aspects like Shah Jahan favouring his eldest son, Aurangzeb's revolt ... Meer said she was confident that the film would not fall into the usual Bollywood trap.