Mettle with metal

DON'T junk that beer can. Crazy? But true if one follows Val Hunt's philosophy in life. "Even as a child I was interested in making things with throwaway items," said Hunt who has made some nifty jewellery with beer and cola cans. She said she preferred making jewellery with cans "because their graffiti is so interesting. It has a definitive character and the graphics on these cans with the lettering become part of an integrated design," said Hunt. She is convinced that instead of letting waste material pile up, it could be put to better use if recycled. So Hunt, in her experimental stages some 11 years ago, heated up a used beer can and found that she loved its feel and texture. And there was born a crazy funky art. Hunt designs helmets, jackets, handbags, chokers, earrings etc out of these cans but inspired by her India visit she insists she is going to make a peacock too. As for sourcing material — "That is no problem, shrugs Hunt. "Now everybody around knows what I work with so they dump their garbage at my doorstep."


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