Meena Lagna, Rishabha Rasi. Jupiter in Mesha; Retrograde Saturn with Kethu in Kumbha; Mars in the 12th. Do I have Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga? What is likely during Saturn-Mars period?


P. Mallik, Kolkata.

SATURN in the second in Mesha is debilitated. He is in exchange with Lord of the 2nd. Generally 12th Lord in the 2nd, and 2nd Lord (finance, family) in 12th cannot give good results. Mars in a Kendra to the Moon in your horoscope does give you Neecha Bhanga Raja Yogam. Presently 7-1/2 years Saturn is in progress.

Pray to your family deity, and regularly to Karthik (Lord Subrahmanya) on Tuesdays, and to Saturn on Saturdays. You can expect favourable results from August 2004.

Good Dates: September 7; 8; 10 up to 3.00 p.m.; and September 12.

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