Sir — The article "Patriotism and dissent" by Shelley Walia (Literary Review, April 3) made for delightful reading. One entertained great respect for American Academia like Prof. Galbraith and lately Noam Chomsky. Now, we have historian Zinn in that exalted company.

M.K.D. Prasada Rao, Ghaziabad (U.P.)

Problem of stuttering

Sir — With reference to the article "Speak Easy" (Sunday Magazine, April 3), I had a terrible stutter during my school days and had many humiliating experiences. But it disappeared when I was in Std. VIII. Surprisingly, a person who stutters is able to sing without any problem.

S.N. Gurusamy, Madurai

Vedaranyam march

Sir — La.Su Rengarajan's article "Marathon March" (Sunday Magazine, April 10) was highly informative. The Vedaranyam Salt Satyagarha is one of the lesser-known facts in the modern day history. The reenactment will give the masses a chance to get in touch with their history.

Shadaan Alam, Aligarh

Holidays galore

Sir — "Everyday a holiday?" by Shashi Tharoor (Sunday Magazine, April 10) is a worn out theme and the refuge of letter writers or authors when they do not find anything else!

N. Dharmeshwaran, Bangalore

Sir — The Government of India and other State Governments must rethink on the number of holidays. I agree with Mr. Shashi Tharoor that as secular nation the holidays may be restricted just the three National Holidays. The Government servants may avail of 2 restricted for the festivals of their religion.

V.C.K. Raman Chennai

Food thoughts

Sir — With reference to Neeta Lal's "New Food Philosophy" (Sunday Magazine, April 10) earlier, food was simple but healthy and rich in content. With changing lifestyle and and restaurants on the rise, food also changed. But now we are reverting to the old school of thought in terms of what we eat — liveried chefs are doing the cooking.

A. Ramanathan, Chennai

Late talker

Sir — "Talking late" (Sunday Magazine, April 10) took me down memory lane when my two-year-old son would communicate by gestures. All his tests showed that his hearing was normal. Later, we realised that he had been imitating the way I communicated with my challenged domestic help.

Suman G.Pai Kanhangad, Kerala

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