Kapoor part two

HE calls himself "retired". But suddenly 1960s heartthrob Shashi Kapoor seems to have found a new vocation, one unlike the roles he played in his prime. As a promoter of the Sixth International Abilympics due in November, Kapoor said that he found this a wonderful movement. "I have a lot of free time at my disposal, so I thought I must utilise it. I want to spread the message of ability all over the world," said the veteran actor. Kapoor said he hoped to be able to dispel some of the terrible stigma attached to disabled people. "It is all about getting the right opportunities at the right time and these people are as able as the rest of us." Kapoor said that he had been inspired to do this because his father had a very philanthropic view of life. "I am just trying to continue in the same tradition," said he. Adding that the film industry was host to numerous people "who were differently-abled. Given the right opportunities many of them could handle a job just as well as anybody else."


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