Kapoor part one

THE guessing game is finally over for her fans. Actress Karishma Kapoor, announcing her engagement and marriage plans, said that she had never hidden her life from the media.

"But even we have a personal life. I have always been honest with the media and, when I do get married, I will not hide anything," said she. And while she is candid enough to admit that her family wanted her to "settle down", she said that she had not planned things. "I don't know, it just happened," said Kapoor. Of her tele-serial named after her, she said that "television was much more gruelling work than films. Television is a very tough medium. You work through nights and complete shoots and next day come back for more. Sporting an endless number of costume changes a day — now if that's not tough what is?" queried she. Kapoor said her decision to do teleserials was a "deliberate one". She said that when she decided on it many people thought it was "suicidal". But if the popularity of her television shows is anything to go by, then cynics may have to eat humble pie.


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