Good timing

FIRST it was The Great Indian Middle Class and now its all about Being Indian. Diplomat PAVAN VARMA could not have timed the release of his new book at a more auspicious hour. There is India Shining and then there is the great essence of being Indian. Varma claims that "Indians must accept who they are. Our forte is entrepreneurship and not equity and this is what 21st Century Indians will work on." Varma, insists that the Indian is a pragmatic creature and can juxtapose myriad opinions and situations. He claims that most of us are like "split personalities" who can straddle two different universes and still feel very much at home. Totally upbeat about Indian democracy and Indians, Varma feels that the country is bound to go places — given the pan Indianess of the time. While this may not be part of the party manifesto, it certainly provides good copy.


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