Form and colour

" SATISH GUJRAL: An Artography traces the aesthetic and personal journey of a pioneer of modern Indian art, over the last five decades. A true Renaissance artist, Satish Gujraj defies categorisation. Painter, sculptor, muralist, architect, interior designer and more, he has ventured beyond the conventional boundaries of individual art forms. A master of medium, he has painted in oil and acrylic, sculpted using wood, bronze and granite, made paper collages and ceramic murals, designed buildings in brick and stone, and left his mark in metal and glass, creating works that telescope the past with contemporary history, and represent a continuum between distinct art forms. Satish Gujral: An Artography is a befitting tribute to the vast and varied oeuvre of Satish Gujral, presented through three masterly essays... " Satish Gujral: An Artography, Gayatri Sinha, Santo Dutta and Gautam Bhatia, Lustre/ Roli Books, 2006, hardcover, p.276, Rs. 3500.