For a native of Moola star, is it correct to regard Kethu Bhukthi in Guru Maha Dasa as indicator of Maraka?

V. S. Nathan, Chennai 31.

The balance of Kethu Maha Dasa at birth is not given. Let us assume Guru Maha Dasa (the seventh in order from birth) starts between 61 and 66 years of age, and Kethu Bhukthi comes on 61/2 years after the start of Guru Maha Dasa. Rahu Maha Dasa as seventh in order is considered not good, but not Guru's. By the system of Pachaka, Karaka, Bhodaka and Vedaka, Sun's Bhukthi in Guru Maha Dasa is to be regarded as adverse. How the planets are placed in relation to Lagna and Lagna Lord must be carefully examined to determine this question.

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