Comeback girl?

AFTER Hema Malini, she was the one who rose to stardom breaking a million hearts. So it was only natural that when Bollywood's original " dhak dhak" girl came to town, rumours surfaced. But MADHURI DIXIT brushed most of them aside with surprising candour. "I do miss acting, as a craft. It is not the recognition that I hunger for so much as the actual craft of acting," she said. While motherhood and marriage are her priorities, she is now open to considering some film offers. "But the script has to be really good," avers Dixit. Would she use it as a comeback vehicle? "I don't know. When I danced at the Filmfare awards the recognition I got was something else. It felt good. I don't think people have forgotten me." On a lighter note she adds that her two kids have never seen her looking "made up and when they did this time they just stared as if I were a stranger". In a more serious vein Dixit adds that many producers and directors have approached her. "All I can say right now is that I am definitely looking at scripts and will finalise something before going back to the States." And if this time round things don't quite gel, then Dixit can go back to practicing her hand at cooking. "My husband says I make the best chicken tikkas," she claims.