Chimp women

SHE is certainly no prophet of doom but when Jane Goodall, UN messenger for peace sums up her concerns for this world one is forced to think. Goodall, an anthropologist, who has spent the last 45 years working on the behaviour patterns of chimpanzees, feels that a world without conservation is definitely doomed. While Goodall stresses on the absolute importance of being in sync with nature, especially animals, she is not against animals being kept in captivity for educational purposes. Apart from her role in the UN, she has set up "Roots and Shoots" whose action agenda is threefold: animal care; environmental protection and involvement of local communities. Goodall is more than convinced that it is the job of the earlier generation to clean up the world. "We have to help the younger generation. It is their world and we spoilt it, they have to live with the mess," warns she.