Boutique hospital

Medicine and management: Dr. Rakesh Sinha.  


BEAMS has done away with the intimidating ambience of hospitals.

If a hospital exudes positivism, it reflects on the treatment and recuperation" claims Dr. Sinha.

ATTRACTIVE blue pottery, a landscaped garden, a soothing manmade waterfall with a peaceful Buddha in the centre leads to a tastefully done up lounge. Soft piped music welcomes you and beaming guest relation officers tend to you.No, this is not a resort or a hotel. This is what Dr. Rakesh Sinha's BEAMS hospital. Dr. Sinha, a gynaecological endoscopic surgeon, is in the Limca Book of Records and Guiness Record for laparoscopically removing the world's heaviest fibroid (3.4 kg). A Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Award winner in August 2002, Dr. Sinha has dedicated his life to minimal invasive surgery, especially removal of fibroids.Being a gynaecologist, Dr. Sinha has seen the anxiety, fear and apprehension when women have to visit a doctor. So, his main consideration while building BEAMS was to do away with the intimidating ambience, medicinal odour, and depressing atmosphere that most hospitals sport. His anaesthetist wife also pitched in with ideas that helped create a hospital that women entered and left with beaming faces.

Creative changes

The drab white nurse's uniforms were replaced with smart trousers and shirts; the typical green and white furnishing was replaced with bright curtains and comfortable sofas. The highlight is the creative way in which he has done away with room numbers. Rooms are named "Dreams", "Optimistic", "Courage", "Potential", all of which inject some amount of positivism in the patient.The doctor feels when a patient is calm and at ease, half the healing is done. "I feel happy when I am known as the guest in `Potential' and not `patient in room no.302'," says Mrs. Kapoor who is recovering from a laparoscopic fibroid removal. "We wanted to create an identity for the woman and at the same time wanted to differentiate ourselves through our medical expertise," says Dr. Sinha.Today, when beauty can be bought over the counter, Dr. Sinha's solution of minimal invasive surgery is a huge hit. The value-adds like soft music, refreshments round the clock, bright walls and smartly dressed staff not only give the `corporate' look but also help cheer the patients. This aids in a speedy recovery. "If a hospital exudes positivism, it reflects on the treatment and recuperation" claims Dr. Sinha.Of course there is a price tag attached to the package but it is not exorbitant, insists the BEAMS team. The hospital also conducts periodic medical camps and subsidised surgeries for the people, mainly the lower income group. This way the latest treatment is accessible to all and no one is denied medical attention. Maria, who has been with BEAMS for 11 years, says, "We feel we are working for a MNC and in the process we heal women. What more can one ask for?"

Two passions

Dr. Sinha talks not just about laparoscopy and fibroids but he also preaches on management. With surgery as his passion and management as his obsession, this certified licentiate practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme), blends the two Ms medicine and management with ease at his seminars and workshops. His patients get to see his oratory and persuasive skills through CDs and DVDs of his sessions in the extensive library housed in the hospital. No wonder the patients feel they are holidaying in a resort where their body and mind get healed. A place that can truly be called a "Boutique Hospital".