Bold Sherawat

BOLLYWOOD actor, MALLIKA SHERAWAT has literally tread where no woman dares. And she is not sorry. In fact Sherawat proclaims that she has unhinged the entire star system with her superlative performance in "Murder". This small town girl who has made it to Bollywood by sheer dint and determination said that it was her that people came to see. "Today I am approached by all kinds of people," said Sherawat, in an obvious reference to having managed to attain the top slot. But more that that are her provocative statements that have got feminists hot under their collars. Not one to give a damn, Sherawat is only too happy to be the cynosure of all eyes. Proclaims the lady, "This is only the beginning. I'm going to give my roles everything they demand. I just love it."


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