Bina 'retires'?

SHE should have been humming into the sunset with "good times better times... ", but for someone who handled life with aplomb, life didn't exactly come a full circle. Socialite and entrepreneur, BINA RAMANI, announced her "retirement" plans at a party hosted in her honour declaring that it "was time to look at the soul". Ramani — who gave staid Delhi its reckless party image and who also had an unerring instinct for finding the right places to begin business — said that it was time for her to move on and "introspect". But being the person she is, it won't be long before she hits the headlines again. Despite the last few years having "not been kind" to her, Ramani, remains unfazed and takes the good and the bad in her stride. In case the Page3 circuit thinks it's the last they'll see of her, Ramani says, "Of course not. My daughter's business is here and I'll be visiting." The regulars can look forward to some more bonhomie and wild partying.


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