Beginning anew


THE month of September will give you a chance to start over in an endeavour where you felt you had exhausted all possibilities. An abundance of celestial alignments will bring you new energy to begin again where you had all but given up.

Your first encouraging signs will come around the Harvest Moon on September 10. As the Moon rises over the eastern horizon at sunset, make a wish for the coming season. The glowing light of the Harvest Moon will energise your prayers and desires at this pivotal time of year. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the Autumn Equinox, which is the first day of fall, when the Sun enters Libra and the light of day equals the dark of night. This year's Harvest Moon occurs 13 days before the Fall Equinox. The Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces at this important full moon will give power to thoughts of healing, service, purity, and self-improvement. The Autumn Equinox that follows on September 23 at 10:48 GMT will focus your mind on fairness, balance, harmony, and peace. This quarterly change of season also will ask you to approach your life from a new angle, just as the relationship between the Earth and the Sun goes through a dramatic shift. The change in the Sun's angle to the Earth brings a luminescent quality to the light that helps you to see life from a new position. It supports your re-evaluation of your past to bring forward only what is necessary before starting over at this balance point in the solar cycle. The Fall Equinox marks the first moment when the light of day begins to fade in favour of the night in the northern hemisphere. The longest night of the year then arrives on the Winter Solstice. Then the days begin to grow longer again until the Spring Equinox, when the light of day overtakes the dark of night. Not only does this quarterly shift in the Sun's angle vis-�-vis the Earth lend tremendous power to your thoughts in the days leading up to the equinox, but this time also portends a collective shift in consciousness away from the outer activity toward inner reflection signified by the increasing length of the nights.

Inevitably, your inner reflection will lead you to draw conclusions that will help you change the course of your entire life. The next element required is the energy to take action. This impetus will be supplied when Mercury, planet of communications, turns direct in Virgo on September 20, and when Mars, planet of energy and action, turns direct in Pisces on September 27. As these two forward moving energies bracket the Autumn Equinox, your thoughts, prayers, and physical actions will have increased power to manifest changes in your life direction during the fall season.

As you prepare for the coming change of season, consider imagining an element of nature that is starting to change itself at this time of year. The natural element could be a leaf, a blade of grass, or a flower. Notice how this object of nature gracefully loses its former life to enter a less lively state. Think about how this latent or less outwardly energised state prepares your element of nature to blossom once again six months hence. Contemplate the importance of this inner journey of nature as the brilliant light of summer slowly gives way to the luminescent light of fall and then the hazy, dim light of winter. Like your element of nature, you too are preparing to enter a less outwardly energised state. But your energetic resources will be far from lost. Instead, you will be using your energy to probe deeply inside of yourself to find what will truly make you happy. Then, you can use these precious insights to start over in an area where you thought you had no further resources to continue. The energy of the upcoming fall season is different from the extroverted energy of summer, yet it is no less powerful in helping you manifest your goals.

Also note that Uranus retrogrades into Aquarius and Venus enters Libra on September 15. Uranus in Aquarius will start moving forward again on November 8, 2003, and will enter Pisces on December 30, 2003. The revolutionary planet will remain in Pisces until 2011.

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