Beating about Bush

The article "When Bush comes to shove" (March 12) is a clear observation of what the U.S. really wants from other countries, especially India. The White House has only one aim - to establish their supremacy over other. The U.S.'s promise to help India to become a world power of the 21st century should be taken with caution. K.P. Ashok Kumar,
ThiruvananthapuramWhy did Bush get a warm welcome in India? Why were American security dogs allowed in and around Gandhiji's Samadhi? This calls for an apology from the Indian government and not from Bush as many have demanded. M. Kumar,
New Delhi In an age when geopolitics decides the fate of the nation, India should stop playing second fiddle to the U.S. and its global designs. India should not hesitate to ask the U.S. to rationalise its policies centred around nuclear relationship , its relationship with other major Asian giants directly affecting our interests in South Asia. Arvind Pandey,
AllahabadThe article was an eloquent piece artfully exposing the interlocking rings of lies behind the U. S President's visit to India. The author has convincingly pointed out that we are going to have to pay for the brief half-embrace. The patronising hug reminds us of Dhritarashtra's crushing embrace. V. K. Sathyavan Nair,