IT'S Christmas awakening at Ambara, the lively store set up and run by art consultant Jaya Mani. Buy stuffed, hand-sewn decorations to brighten up both your Christmas tree and the lives of needy women. These dolls, angels, stars and hearts are made by the women's collective POPI, managed by volunteers (mainly students from the North-East) co-ordinated by Leila Passah, to help women in abusive and other difficult situations stand on their own feet. Then there's a range of candles, including scented ones made by Sally Alexander to support children with HIV. Order your Christmas tree from the garden space in Ambara run by Indo-American Hybrid Seeds. The delightful nativity sets made by Kausalya Thomas feature little figures made of starched fabric sprayed dull gold or radiant zari-embellished material, but you have to order them at least two weeks in advance. All this from December 9 to December 24 at Ambara, 1335, Double Road, Indiranagar (opposite the MTV office).

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BETTER book tickets in advance if you want to listen to Petra, billed as the world's leading gospel rock band, which will play on December 15 and 16 evening at Cathedral School on Richmond Road. Call 5574819, 5572656, 5514269 for details.

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YOU'RE probably saying to yourself, I think I'll spend a leisurely afternoon going through the papers at the British Library. Well, don't. They're moving. The Library, which has been a landmark on St Mark's Road since 1960, will start functioning from December 17 from a new building — Prestige Takt at 23, Kasturba Road Cross, opposite the Visvesvaraya Museum on Kasturba Gandhi Road. Although it's hardly 500 metres away, it has left old-timers feeling a bit shell-shocked. One will simply have to get used to it.

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December 14


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