A war won

I read with interest the various articles on education, horoscope, art, issues and culture in the Magazine. "A war won against the `tilt'" (Magazine, July 3) was the best.

B.V. Nitesh, Bangalore

"A war won against the `tilt'" by Vidya Subrahmaniam (Magazine, July 3) was very interesting. Looks like the former American president, Richard Nixon, and his secretary of state, Henry Kissinger (he has now apologised), shared the poor opinion India's former rulers had of its people. The US state department document shows that the White House had, and has, scant sympathy for India's concerns.

A.Megha, Hyderabad

The Hindu's Magazine has always been a delight to read. Vidya Subrahmaniam 's article (Magazine, July 3) and all the documents published were awesome. In one conversation Kissinger went to the extent of complimenting India, "every Ambassador who goes to India falls in love with India. The Indians are so smart that we fall for their line."

Kannan, Chennai

"A war won against the `tilt'" (Magazine, July 3) brings back memories of a tough woman's victory against a threatening world power. Indira had a jubilant victory as India sought nothing, but merely endorsed the cries of 75 million people of Bangla Desh. In fact, this victory made Indira more acceptable to the world at large.

C.P. Velayudhan Nair, Kochi

The title "A war won against the `tilt'" (Magazine, July 3) itself tells half the story. Indira Gandhi made a place for herself in the history as India's successful war time Prime Minister who has admirers, for her bold and quick decisions, left, even among her bitter critics.

M.A. Hakeem Hyderabad

Vidya Subrahmaniam 's article (Magazine, July 3) was enlivening in the context of RSS praising Indira Gandhi and the U.S. Government releasing the documents decrying her by the top echelons of U.S. administration at that time. The articles show that current affairs are fused in the past affairs.

P. S. Sundaram By e-mail

This is with reference to the article "A war won against `tilt'" (Magazine, July 3). Thanks to The Hindu for publishing this article to show how the war was actually won.

R. Sriram, Chennai

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