Wedding bells

Johnny Depp, who has been dating and has fathered two children from long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, is all set to give the children and Vanessa his name. Depp jocularly mentioned earlier that he didn’t marry her before because he didn’t want to ruin her perfect name. Paradis till date has been asking about how marriage can change commitments between two individuals and has refrained from getting hitched. But now the wedding is supposed to be taking place soon at their French estate.

Gathering Moss

If you are a big singer, try not to be close to the bar when friends are having a party close by. That’s what Lionel Ritchie found out when Kate Moss was partying at the Dorchester hotel in London. Ritchie was invited to the party and he ended up singing many of his numbers. Designer Stella Mcartney and Rolling Stone star Ronnie Wood were other celebrities present on the location as Ritchie sang some of his hits including All Night Long.

Out of hospital

Patrick Swazye, who was admitted to hospital for pneumonia, is now said to be out of danger at the moment. Swazye even spent a week in the hospital before he was discharged and asked to be extremely careful in the future. Swazye, one of the hottest stars during his prime with films like “Dirty Dancing” to his name, had checked into the hospital after bouts of persistent cough.

Boy George arrested

Ex-Culture Club Frontman Boy George has been arrested for holding a male escort illegally by chaining him to a hook. The escort alleged that he was chained for tampering with George’s computer. George denied the charge and claimed the escort had stolen pictures from his laptop and hence was punished. But now George has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for the same.

Baby boom

After several miscarriages, singer Lisa Marie Presley has finally given borth to twins after getting blood thinners. Lisa and her husband Michel Lockwood had twins Harper and Finley and got them to see the light of the camera flash with a photospread for People magazine. Presley, who was earlier married to Danny Keough, has two children from the marriage – Danielle Riley and Benjamin Storm.

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