Act early

This is with reference to “The Way back to childhood”. This is a very interesting article, detailed at that, sketching the various reactions of the children at a tender age and how to cope with their sometimes strange behaviour. Not all housewives are educated and they need to be counselled on the importance of the learning to handle such children. Likewise, teachers have an equally significant role to play. They need to be compassionate when it comes to children afflicted by ADHD syndrome.

Early diagnosis does help. Parents invariably delay the process of meeting up with a doctor and finally at an advanced stage things go out of hand and turn into an insurmountable job for the parent as well as teacher, alike! Prevention is better than cure.

Ashok Jayaram, ACA



Changing definitions

The article “Is the customer truly king of all he surveys?” (Magazine, January 18) was quite interesting. Apart from choice of brands and products, in India customer service is taking back seat as we seldom take such issues seriously. In this context, Gandhiji’s words on customer service can probably be re-written as “A customer is the least important visitor on our premises. He is dependent on us. We are not dependent on him. He is an interruption to our work. He is not a purpose of it. He is an outsider to our business and not part of it. We are doing him a favour by serving him and he is not doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so”.

N. Nagarajan




This has reference to the write-up “The dance of learning” (Magazine, January18) Our society is undergoing vast changes in every sphere. It is therefore fitting that the obsolete pedagogic method of teaching also changes.

The IQ of children today is far higher than it was four or five decades back, thanks to their exposure to media and computer. For example, my seven-year-old grand-daughter regularly exchanges e-mails with her friends and relatives. In this situation they can easily learn by themselves from printed materials and tools without relying on teachers. We need to encourage self-learning and create scope for interaction with classmates.

Dr. R. Thirunarayanan



Cricketer and gentleman

This refers to the article “Homage to Kumble” by Ramachandra Guha (Magazine, January 18). The article is a magnificent tribute to a fantastic cricketer and an outstanding gentleman. Kumble claimed the wicket of Lara while bowling with a bandaged head in West Indies in 2002. This vouched for his extraordinary grit and determination. His 10 wickets in an innings against Pakistan was surely the acme of his career.

He is so self-effacing that his match-winning bowling exploits have not received the attention they deserved. The greatest moment of his captaincy will perhaps be the astounding victory at Perth in 2008 against Australia, something that no other team from the subcontinent had achieved for a long, long time.

S. Thyagarajan,



For once I have been treated to an excellent column on Anil Kumble by Ramachandra Guha (Magazine, January 18). He can be sure that apart from his astute assessment of Anil as a bowler, a player and a last-minute test captain, the writing itself on Kumble’s impeccable qualities will be remembered for years to come.

D. Venkatesan


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