Jinxed at the BO

There’s a jinx at the box office that he cannot seem to break. But actor Abhishek Bachchan continues with a never-say-die attitude. But he is candid about the days when struggle seemed to be the only operative world. “There were days when I had to pull myself together and get to work. My parents stood behind me each time. It wasn’t as if they would not tell me what was wrong with my performance, but they did it with credibility and a total belief in me.”

Talking about his latest film, Bachchan said that his character was much more “credible that Hrithik Roshan’s in “Kkrish”. “Kkrish had superpowers, whereas Drona is much more believable.” Bachchan said that even though comparisons were obvious, he did not let it get in the way of his friendships. “Goldie who directed ‘Drona’ is a dear friend. If I didn’t agree with something I’d tell him. For me often the personal and professional line is blurred. Of course there are upsets but our friendship is strong enough and we can sort it out.” Meanwhile he’s once again looking at the box office registers to figure out what next.

Silver glory

When she married into one of India’s richest families, the grapevine was that yesteryear actor Tina Ambani would bask in the family’s glory and literally twiddle her thumbs. But Ambani surprised everybody and herself by refusing to join the social circuit. She chose to immerse herself in art and turned her attention to spending time with senior citizens. Her efforts resulted in the Silvers Foundation, where older people are given the right to live not only with dignity but also a sense of involvement. Ambani, who takes her work to yet another level by getting the senior citizens to jig to salsa beats, says, “The biggest problem they face is loneliness. They need a place to spend time with their peers and do the things they enjoy.” Ambani adds that though Indian society still considers it taboo to oust old parents to an old age home, the fact remains that in the family hierarchy they are the last. Ambani said she is happy to be “a silver” herself and hopes that she has the same zest for life as others. What about films? “I am a forward looking person and don’t want to go back to what I left behind,” says she.

Right notes

She is not in the mould of the usual Bollywood singers. Sunidhi Chauhan has even managed to keep her act squeaky clean; something she is inordinately proud of. “Yes I know my first hit was an item song but I realised that if I continue to sing only such numbers, I would have a very limited career. I refuse to sing vulgar lyrics and have even turned down many offers for such songs,” says this petite girl who has also been flooded with offers to act. So is acting the next logical step?

“No, I prefer singing. I also love performing before a live audience. I can sing, dance, improvise, do whatever I feel like… I may act , but that will come much later.” Chauhan, who was discovered in a TV talent show, refuses to be a judge on any of the present shows. Why? “Well that was a tough competition, the judges were strict and there were no outside influences. I’d rather concentrate on my career now,” she said.


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