Golden couple

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are certainly the golden couple of Hollywood. Both of them have been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards, in the best actor and actress categories. While Angelina has been nominated for her film “Changeling”, Brad Pitt has been nominated for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. More reasons now for Angelina and Brad to spend more time together.

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Madge to repay Spears

Madonna is clearly set to pay back Britney Spears soon. Madonna is expected to be a part of Britney Spears’ next show as a surprise guest when Spears begins her comeback tour early next year. If you remember, Spears joined Madonna in the Los Angeles leg of her tour earlier this year, called Sticky and Sweet. Madge will be with Spears in her New Orleans leg of the tour.

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More on break ups This time actor Chris Martin and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow may not necessarily share the good news. The couple are apparently giving it one last shot to try and spend the Christmas together merely for the sake of their two kids, Apple and Moses. Gwyneth has been spotted partying in the Americas with her close buddy Madonna even as Chris has been touring Old Blighty with his band Coldplay, prompting rumours that their five-year marriage is in trouble.

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Not lost the sheen

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards too may not be a couple, but their two children — daughters Lola and Sam — were in a vehicle with their nanny when another car swerved in front of them, leading to a major accident.

And then it was sheer providence that both the kids along with their nanny managed to escape unhurt in the incident. Sheen was happy that his kids were safe and was happier about the vehicle – Mercedes — that they were travelling in because it has good crash resistance.

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Happy mom

Heath Ledger may have died almost a year ago, but his former girlfriend Naomi Watts has now delivered her baby with her actor-husband Live Shreiber.

Naomi, who is 40 now, delivered the baby 11 months after Ledger’s death due to drug overdose. This is Naomi’s second kid after her earlier baby Alexander. Ledger had left a film incomplete, but his relationship was over by the time the “Joker” stopped having a sense of humour.